Arena Floor: 120' X 220' concrete – Dirt and other coverings available

Rigging Grid Height: 35' 6" – Located on south end of arena

Seating Capacity:

•East Side Fixed Seating Capacity: 888
•West Side Fixed Seating Capacity: 998
•Floor Seating Capacity: Up to 2363
Dressing Rooms: (1) Male and (1) Female

Production Office: (1) located on south end of building. Office equipped with one (1) phone line, one (1) 
Ethernet connection, private restroom, access to control booth and observation balcony.

Control Booth: Located on the south end with a window that overlooks the arena floor. House lighting 
controls and house sound system controls are located here. This room adjoins the production office.

Announcement Booth: Located above the south arena floor access door. This booth has full sound 
system connections. Ethernet and phone connections.


•(1) 60' wide x 40' deep stage that is adjustable in height from 48" to 78".
•(2) 20' wide x 16' deep at a fixed height of 24".
•Other configurations available.
Electric Service:

•(1) 800 amp 3 phase connection
•(1) 200 amp 3 phase connection
•Numerous 20 amp wall outlets spread throughout arena
•Floor circuits available for exhibit booth power
Arena Floor Access Doors: (2) located on the north and south end of the building. Doors are 18 feet wide 
x 15 feet tall.

Sound System: JBL Speakers located to provide full coverage to all areas of the arena. Outdoor coverage 
to selected areas is available. Audio equipment includes a 16 channel mixer, (2) Shure SM 58 wireless 
mics, CD Player, Cassette Player, Shure SM 58 wired mics, direct boxes, and A/V equipment interfaces. A 
portable sound system is available.

Forklift: (1) Yale 5000 pound forklift is available on site.

RV Park: (25) spaces with electric connections available. Each space has (1) 50 amp, (1) 30 amp, and (1) 
duplex 120 volt electric service connection. Water and Sewer available in the RV Park.

Tables: The Event Center has 5' round tables, 6'x30" rectangular tables, and 8'x30" rectangular tables in 
its inventory. With proper notice other tables could be obtained.

Chairs: 2,000 Specialty Seating padded chairs are available for indoor use. Additional chairs, or outdoor 
chairs are available with advance notice.

Exhibition Services: Pipe and drape is available to create booths, or for use to create more intimate feel to 
building. Skirting for tables is also available. Electrical service for trade show booths is available.

Restrooms: Restrooms are located on each end of the arena. Outdoor accessible restrooms are located 
in the south service bay. Private restrooms are located in the Production Office and the Administrative 

Catering: Please contact the Events Center to discuss catering options.

Merchandise: The Events Center can handle your merchandise sales, or can provide a space for you to 
sell yourself. Consult current Rate Sheet for current Event Center commission rates.

Tickets: All ticketed events will be ticketed by the Events Center utilizing the ETix system. Tickets will be 
available via the internet, telephone, or the Events Center ticket office.

Trailer Parking: Space available for numerous trailers.

Parking: Plenty of space available that is suitable for parking.